Sparta505 Student Housing (2018 - present)
This is a student housing project located in downtown San Jose, 2 blocks from San Jose State University. We broke ground on May 1, 2019 and is expected to complete before the 2022 academic year. It is a 7 story building with 288 beds in 79 units. There are about 5000 sq ft of ground level retail, and an incubation center on the second floor.
Pinefino Mixed Use, South SF CA (2014 - present)
We purchased the land in Dec, 2014. We obtained planning commission approval (entitlement) in Sept 2014 to build 69 apartment units and 2451sf of retail. The building has 4 stories of residential units above a concrete deck with 2 retail units and 100 parking spaces below. Construction started in May 2016, and completed in July 2018. All units are leased by September, 2018. Pinewave is now actively managing the property.
Pinedera Mixed Use, Millbrae CA (2011 - present)
The land was purchased in April 2011. We received planning and city council approval to build 54 residential condominium units and 10 commercial units in May 2012. Building permit was approved in June 2012 and construction started in Nov 2012. The project was completed in July 2014. This project is a single building with 4 stories and underground parking. All residential units were rented before construction completed. All commercial units are leased currently. The entire property is now managed by Pinewave.
Stender Business Center, Santa Clara, CA (2005 - 2019)
We purchased an existing R&D building in Santa Clara CA and remodeled inside and out into a class A interior professional office complex with 35 office suites. The total building size is about 53,000 square feet complete with conference room and exercise room facility. Starting in 2008, we modified 5 suites into over twenty 100-300 sf executive suites for the incubator and startup companies. The building has been fully leased and managed by Pinewave since 2010 until it was sold in 2019.
Grove Avenue Business Park, Ontario, CA (2002 - 2005)
This is a 24 acre industrial park project in Ontario, CA. The site is subdivided into 16 buildings ranging from 8000 - 120,000 sf for a total of 330,000sf. We purchased the vacant lot in late 2002, did the entitlement in 18 months, and completed construction in 2005. All units were pre-sold.
Haven Airport Gateway, Ontario CA (2004 -2006)
We purchased 40 acres of a prime commercial site next to the Ontario Airport in 2004. While we were drawing up the plans for a high end commercial office/retail complex, we got multiple offers to sell the lot for a healthy premium.
Kentwood Plaza, San Jose CA (2009 - 2010)
We purchased this 26,000 sf vacant lot at Highway 85 and DeAnza Blvd in May 2009. We built a 10,000 retail/commercial building and sold as individual condo units. 40% of the units were pre-sold before construction started. This project was completed in April 2010 and all units were sold. The entire project took less than a year from raw land to getting subdivision approved, to project completion.